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Welcome to the website for The Unwanted Few

We few, we unwanted few, striding forth, boldly or timidly, some spurned by the others, some spurning, vow to do our part to rid the LotRO universe of the forces of Sauron!  We, The Unwanted Few, lay forth this claim:

To battle bravely, alone or with others, until we succeed or turn away, bitter in defeat.
To hold ourselves with honor and dignity, no matter the provocation.
To provide a shining example to the masses.


Ah, to heck with it.  We are a level 10 kin on the Riddermark server.  We are currently actively recruiting, hoping to get enough people to wipe out every raid in the game on a ho-hum basis.  Probably won't happen, but, hey, it's a goal.

If you wish to join us, either speak to a member in-game or apply on our site, here.

Kin leaders are Woodson and Frostmaul.

We also are active in the Ettenmoors.

Hope to see you in game!



Now go forth!  And commit carnage on thy enemies, whilst rescuing npc's from their own stupidity!

The Unwanted Few is currently recruiting the following:
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